The Right Fit The First Time

About Bourbaki 13

A Better Way for
Every Body

Get to know B13 – the only app that makes it possible for shoppers to size themselves with precision and privacy. The growth of e-commerce has left retailers with more returns, and customers without the confidence to order the right size. B13 allows each individual to measure themselves at home or in the store to determine their size, increasing retailer profit margins while elevating the consumer experience.

From Obstacle to Opportunity

With B13, we set out to find a simple and completely private way for women to get fitted for a bra. Once we could accurately size a person for that notoriously difficult product, we realized we could pretty much size anything. With endless applications from apparel and footwear, health and fitness, to custom-made clothing and gear, B13 is the only way to measure the body without scanners, surveys, or customers measuring themselves. We created this tool because we believe that getting it right the first time increases sales and customer loyalty, and decreases frustration and returns.

About a third of all Internet transactions are returned by shoppers.

— The Wall Street Journal


Change the Shopping Experience

The Right Size Anywhere

An intuitive app that uses the existing sensors in smartphones to measure shoppers in multiple dimensions. With every body part precisely measured, B13 can be used anywhere from the fitting room at your store, to the privacy of their home.

Private, Personal Measurements

We protect privacy first: The shopper’s data stays on their device. No information is ever stored or transmitted without their permission.

Keep It

Within 10-20 seconds, a shopper completes the sizing process while remaining totally clothed. Afterward, they can choose whether or not to share the information with both the brick and mortar retailer and the e-commerce site.

Saving Valuable Resources

We all want to make the world a better place! B13 helps decrease returns, cutting down on wasted shipping supplies and fuel.

Without the cost of returns, the retailer’s profits would be almost 50% higher.

— The Economist

The Retail Benefits

Add Value, Decrease Returns

Increase your sales and profit margins by giving shoppers the right fit without the hassle. That way, they come back to buy more, and return less.

The Choice is Yours! Your Brand or Ours?

You can implement with B13’s branding, or we can work with you to incorporate your unique brand and customer experience.

Get Going,

Starting with B13 is simple. Our easy-to-use API won’t affect your business logic or core systems.

Empower Customer Confidence

B13 makes the shopping experience personalized and fun. With that accurate, confidential experience comes higher confidence, lower returns, and more long-term customer relationships.

B13 allows customers to measure themselves at home or in the store to determine their size, increasing retailer profit margins while elevating the customer experience.


Entrepreneurial Spirit, Mathematical Approach

Named after the first team of collaborative mathematicians who published the work of all 13 members under one name – Nicolas Bourbaki, we strive to use mathematics to solve everyday problems together. The Bourbaki 13 team passionately pursues ideas that work, combining cutting-edge technology, bold vision, and an entrepreneurial spirit. We are powered by innovation, and driven to collaborate with leading brands and retailers who consistently seek the better way.

We are powered by innovation, and driven to collaborate with leading brands and retailers who consistently seek the better way.

Katherine Black
Founder and CEO

Katherine Black is the founder and CEO, a title she earned by coming up with a million ideas a minute, constantly challenging her team to think outside of the box, and always passionately asking “well, why not?” She keeps her team thinking broadly and boldly. Her life is this business and this business is her life although she is always there without fail for her two children and three Mottens (aka Sphynx cats). When she has a brief moment alone, Katherine can almost always be found on the beach hunting for sea glass.

Angela Owen

Angela has been passionate about retail and fashion since she was a little girl and started a grocery store in her basement. This early obsession led to a career as a merchandising and marketing executive for REI. She has a track record of growing new product categories, customer segments, and brands. She is driven by the customer experience and excited about Bourbaki 13’s opportunity to change the way people shop, while having a positive impact on the environment. Angela loves to travel, try new recipes, and bake French macarons.

Amit Rohatgi
Technology Advisor

Amit leads technology development for Bourbaki 13, which is no surprise as he has always looked for crazy ways to solve problems. He has always hated shopping, which made him the best person to find a better way. That thirst for finding the next problem, his engineering background in pattern recognition and information theory through his career at Qualcomm, MIPS, Imagination and prpl (a non-profit consortium focusing on the internet of things) led him to Bourbaki 13. In his spare time he loves to play with his kids, and keeps trying to re-invent his sprinkler controller, which is the bane of his existence.

Jennifer Molloy

Jennifer's ability to see the greatest possibilities for businesses and people contributed to her success as an operations and IT executive at Microsoft. Following her 24 year career, she left to focus on leadership coaching, helping companies to build strong leaders and high performing teams. Her proven ability to create strategy and see it through to successful implementation is the genesis of her motto "How hard can it be?" Bourbaki 13 represents an opportunity to combine her passions for operations and people to deliver a unique experience to the customer. When not working or focusing on her three children, Jennifer enjoys traveling, reading and drinking slurpees.

Mike Smith

Mike is a retail and ecommerce leader and key advisor to Bourbaki 13. Mike has served as President and CEO and/or Board Member for several companies including: Lands End, Bag Borrow or Steal and REI. Mike loves building great organizations with passionate and talented people. He believes that there is no limit to what can be achieved with the right team, focus and resources. He knows first hand the fit challenges and costs that retailers experience in todays fast changing shopping environment and is excited about Bourbaki 13’s consumer centered solution. Mike is an avid outdoorsman who spends his free time hiking and skiing with his family.

Nicolas Bourbaki
Chief Consulting Mathematician

The only famous mathematician to never exist, Nicolas Bourbaki is the collaborative publishing name of 13 mathematicians who published the seminal book series The Elements of Mathematics. His work created a way to measure the space of a continuous, 3 dimensional object, without which our technology would not exist. The first truly virtual person, Nicolas Bourbaki was revered for mathematical discovery, which happened through mutual respect and partnership. We consider him the most important consultant to our endeavor, one who advises us and keeps us moving every day. We named our company after him not only to honor the mathematicians who created his works, but also to celebrate that what we do really is all about the math.