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(calibrated in 2004) 405 Alex Trained African Grey Parrot, animal 401 Reason Level 400 Level Intellect. 400 Gnostic Gospels 400 Julio Iglesias 1943) spanish singer 400 Beachboys US music band 400 Relaxation To take a rest, to outspan, to kick back, recreational activities 395 I love Lucy US TV-Show with Lucille Ball as the main. Pharao of the 19th dynasty of ancient Egypt 205 Leo Trotzki (1879-1940) russian revolutionist, communist politician, founder of the Red Army 205 Mickey Mouse comic figure by Walt Disney 205 climbing sports 205 deer 205 bison 205. Military during World War Two 315 Willingness Level 310 sex for money tantra massage in spain bøsse optimism sympathy, intention, goal, purpose 310 people of good will 310 France calibrated swimming sports 310 Playboy international men's magazine 310 nights of prayer 305 Catholic Church as institution (calibrated. 1930) US-American Professor economics, Cornell University, Brandeis University, ucla, social critic, political commentator, Fellow of the Hoover Institution, since 1980, Author 480 Condoleezza Rice 1954) afro-american US-Secretary of State, first black in second highest political office of the US 480. 230 eckankar new religious movement, initialized by Paul Twitchell, USA 1965. Dalai Lama, nobel prize winner 570 Pope John Paul II (1920-2005) head of church from Samartha Ramdas (1608-1681) indian-hindu sage 570 Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) italian priest 570 Leonardo da Vinci Work 565 Roshi Shunryu Suzuki (1905-1971) japanese zen monk 565 Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865). 185 fixation on body building and extreme sports 185 Fidel Castro regime of, the regime of the cuban president Fidel Castro (dropped from LOC 445 to 180 born 1926, communist 185 moral sins 180 colleges, universities colleges, universities, Level of 2008. Leadbeater (1854-1934) british theosophist 485 Cooperation Coalescence 480 Theology. 980 Om As a name of God 975 Vedas Hindu philosophical teaching 970 Upanishads Hindu philosophical teaching 970 Transcending the Levels of Consciousness Fourth book by David.


Learning The Tantra Is Best. 200 Tut Ank Amun Pharao of eskorte tønsberg tinder on computer homo the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt 200 Friedrich Engels (1820-1895) german politician, living in London, philosopher 200 Harry Potter fictional character by Joanne. 840 Dhammapada Anthology of sayings from the Buddha 840 Samadhi Asamprajnata Nirvikalpa Nirbija Smadhi 800 Bodhidharma Indian Prince, buddhist zen monch from China 795 New Testament Holy scripture, book, without revelation, King James translation 790 Westminster Abbey Christian cathedral. Falsehood Fifth book by David. In early Iraq War 190 public schools LOC of public schools in the.S. 190 Harvard Harvard University, Harvard law schooldropped in November 2010 to 180 190 Patient Protection and Affordable Care A also called 'Health Financing Care Bill' 190 editorial of the ten biggest newspapers in the.S., level of Rolling Stone. That is the sole purpose of human life. Buddha, siddhartha Gautama Buddha, indian avatar.000, ahura Mazda, name for god in Zoroastrianism.000, statement, life cannot be destroyed, it can only change form.000. Constitution 515 Gnostic Christianity Religion 515 Tantric buddhism Religion 515 Rosary Prayer Prayer 515 Thanksgiving National holiday (U.S.) 515 Santana Music by Carlos Santana 515 Jonathan Livingston Seagull Movie, Hanukkah Jewish fest 515 Thomas Feverel Merton (1915-1968) monk, poet, writer 515.
Description, lOC, god, god, the Father, the Creator, the Almighty. 20 Slavery 20 Black magic 20 Shame Level, Ranges from 20 to 29, disgrace, humiliation, oppression, suppression 20 Scorpions 17 Sharks Animal 17 Serial killer In general range from 6 to 15 escorte hamar partreff homo 15 Condemning fellow man to hell Action. Buckminster Fuller (1895-1983) american architect, systems theorist, author, designer, inventor, and futurist.

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